Upcoming Events 2023

Please Note That The Events In Red Have Already Passed

  • January 8th – January 28th Fasting.
  • February 12th Heart Healthy Red and White. (Pastoral Care Committee)
  • February 24th – February 26th Outdoor Revival. (Evangelism Team)
  • March 4th Car Wash and Food Sale. (Seniors Department)
  • March 25th Annual Spring Banquet.
  • March 31st Cry out Prayer Meeting
  • April 9th Expression of Praise.
  • April 29th Fashion and Talent Show. (Ladies Department)
  • May 28th Children & Youth Intercessory Prayer Meeting
  • June 10th Prayer Breakfast.
  • June 24th – Junes 25th Youth Convention.
  • June 30th Cry Out Prayer Meeting
  • July 8th Heal the Family, Heal the Nation.
  • July 3rd – July 28th VBS
  • July 9th Marriage and the Family (VMBS Sponsor)
  • July 16th Harvest Ingathering (Ladies Department)
  • August 5th Emancipendence Cookoff (Youth Dept.)
  • August 6th Evangelism Conference
  • August 19th – August 20th Ladies Convention
  • August 26th Family Dinner on the Lawn (Pastoral Care)
  • September 10th Men’s Convention
  • September 22nd – 24th Outdoor Revival (Evangelism Team)
  • September 29th Cry Out Prayer Meeting
  • October (8th – 11th) Annual Convention.
  • October 28th Tea Party (Pastoral Care)
  • November 4th Seniors Health Fair.
  • November 5th Seniors Convention.
  • November 19th Choirs in Praise
  • November 21st Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner
  • December 3rd Production
  • December 9th Family Funday
  • December 25th Christmas Dinner For The Homeless
  • December 29th Cry Out Prayer Meeting

Please contact the church, if you would like to attend any of the events listed, or to give a contribution towards feeding the homeless.
The telephone number is: 954-961-4405, or email us
Looking forward to hearing from you.