Our Senior Pastor


Pastor Michael Anthony Hutchinson has been saved since 1997. His encounter with Jesus Christ took place at a tent crusade in the Greater Portmore community of St. St. Catherine, Jamaica, West Indies. This mission held by The Power of Faith Ministries under the leadership of Bishop Dr. Delford D. Davis and Minister Petrova Davis. Over the years, the Davis’ have been instrumental in the nourishment and nurturing of his leadership and pastoral development. Consequently, his spiritual heritage has been firmly grounded in The Power of Faith Ministries International, Portmore, Jamaica W I, where he received the Word of salvation, spiritual fortification and leadership development through the uncompromising principles of God’s Word.

Since the inception of his spiritual journey, Pastor Hutchinson has faithfully served in the fellowship while in Jamaica. During those years, he actively committed himself to the Work of the Lord and undertook many leadership portfolios in various Auxiliaries. However, on August 4, 2011, Pastor Hutchinson and his family were commissioned by God to The Power of Faith Ministries Assembly in South Florida where he now serves as Senior Pastor.

Pastor Hutchinson has been trained in the areas of Biblical Studies, Counseling and Psychology. However, his love for prayer and the Word has enabled him to effectively reach a wide cross section of individuals for his Lord and Christ. His teachable attitude has enabled him to be pliable in the Hands of the Lord. Pastor Hutchinson possesses a passion for Christ that is unquestionable; and he also demonstrates a level of excellence and integrity. In addition, he has a keen zeal and reverence towards the preaching and teaching the Word of God, and a strong desire for seeing people saved, healed and delivered from their oppression. His message is one that is punctuated with hope, love, life and liberty that are available to all who believes in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Over the years, God has kept Pastor Michael Hutchinson faithfully married to Patricia since 1998 and they are the proud parents of four beautifully blessed children: Ramoi, Rochelle, Roshaun and Ruthanne.