Our Assistant Pastor


Reverend Joycelyn Rose was born in St. Anns, Jamaica West Indies. She lived in the United States of America where she resided in New York. In 1989, she was ordained an Evangelist in the Faith United Church of God. After a while, she relocated to Miami Florida, however she found it difficult to locate a true place of worship. In May 1996, she was ordained as a Minister. Then, in 1997, she attended the School of the Prophets in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Following the leading of the Lord, Reverend Rose started a work in her home in Hollywood, Florida with only four (4) persons including her husband, Minister Owen Rose. The Holy Spirit added to this work and within 90 days it grew to a total of 20 persons. Consquently, they had to relocate to a rented property which was occupied by a day care centre by day and by the church at nights and on weekends. As they gave themselves to the Lord, He continued to bless the work; and, again, they outgrew this shared facility and had to relocate to a new property on Hollywood Boulevard. Circunstances forced Reverend Rose to move back to her home. It was there while at her kitchen sink that the Lord spoke with her and gave her the name Abundant Faith Faith which was incorporated on August 8, 1996 with approximately 60 adults and several children. Because of the prolific growth, in October 1996, the Ministry was relocated to 727 South 21st Avenue in Hollywood.

ImageIn 2005 through divine encounter, Reverend Rose met Bishop Dr. Delford Davis of The Power of Faith Ministries, Jamaica whom they were led to ask to be their Bishop. After sometime, Bishop and Minister Davis received the confirmation from the Lord and accepted the request. Resultant to this encounter, in 2007 Abundant Faith Ministries was incorporated to became the first Florida branch of the Power of Faith Ministries International.

Reverend Rose has been married to Minister Owen Rose for 49 years and they have one daughter and two grandsons.