Sponsor a Child

Your help no matter the size and no matter the method could make a big difference in someone else’s life. A little spare from that pricey purchase you made, can make a child’s whole life better and his future brighter by being a sponsor.

Any amount you give we greatly appreciate and the beneficiaries are even more grateful!

We do not owe our health, wealth, education, and freedom to anyone. And because we are in a good situation does not mean we owe the less fortunate help. But they too do not deserve to be in such condition.

And if we were them, we would wish someone will save us. Let us share to them the joys we are experiencing even with just starting with their most basic needs. To think what we offer them is just a very small portion of everything we have been blessed with! Donate now through The Power of Faith Ministries International, Inc.

Sponsor a Child today!